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Landlording made easy

Kiko allows you to let your flat deposit-free with better protection than a traditional deposit scheme and rent guaranteed on time - all managed via an app.

Break free from traditional letting agents.

By solving your problems, treating you fairly and being totally transparent, we believe we can make your job as a landlord simpler.

Your rent, always on time.

Kiko renters are thoroughly checked and referenced. In fact we’re so confident in the renters we place that in the worst case scenario, we’ll cover the missed rental payment and eviction costs.

Rent out your property 25% faster.

Tenants can view your property at times that suit them - after work or even on weekends - and they can rent deposit-free while giving you up to 12 weeks worth of protection.

No more tedious paperwork.

No calls or having to go to the agents to do paperwork. At Kiko you do everything online and with full control of every step of the rent process.

Compliant with all regulations.

Staying on top of all regulatory requirements and changes is tough! Kiko takes care of all them, meaning you don’t have to worry about tenant fees ban, client money protection schemes, or data privacy.

Damage protection at the end of rent.

We know how important your assets are, that’s why we inspect every detail of your property upon arrival and departure from the tenant. And you have protection against damage through Kiko at the end of the rent.

Free photos, floor plan & EPC

It's all free. We send a photographer to your property to take pictures (normal and 360º), floor plan and we provide you with the EPC certificate.


The best way to advertise your flat.

Residents can view your flats 24/7 from home or on the go by using a combination of 3d walk-throughs, videos and professional pictures. Plus, your ad is automatically published on popular property sites like Zoopla and Rightmove for free.

Powerful credit checks. Lightning fast move-ins.

We verify the tenants previouses addresses, identity and conduct a powerful credit analysis within minutes providing you with quicker move-ins and shorter voids. Accepting a new tenant is only a tap away.

Resolve repairs quickly, and with ease.

You’ll receive instant notifications for every new request that contains a description of the problem, images and videos that can easily shared with a tradesperson. Once the issue has been resolved, we ask the tenant to rate the quality of the job - providing you with a new level of transparency for repairs.

Fair pricing and no hidden fees.

We only charge you if we find a new tenant for you and never charge you any hidden fees.