Pricing built for businesses of all sizes.


Instantly rent out your properties with Kiko

Recommended for private landlords or businesses that are just starting.

  • Easy setup in a few minutes
  • Full experience for your customers
  • Unlimited reference checks

Rent collection fees

  • No fees for bank transfers
  • 1.5% for European cards
  • 3% for non-European cards
£15 / month

per property


White label the property management experience

Recommended for estate agents and institutional landlords with big portfolios.

  • Use your own branding
  • Hosted on your domain
  • Flexible configuration, e.g. contracts

Rent collection fees

  • Volume discounts
Let's talk

What’s included?

Get 40+ features out of the box with Kiko’s integrated per-property pricing.


Property Listing

  • Unique listing page
  • soon HMO Listings
  • Virtual 3D Tours
  • Custom Hosted on your own domain
  • Custom Use your own brand and logo


  • soon Messaging
  • soon Schedule in-person viewings
  • Receive and accept offers


  • Listing on Zoopla
  • Listing on Rightmove
  • Listing on PrimeLocation
  • Listing on Facebook Marketplaces
Rent out


  • Collect holding deposit
  • Collect and store security deposit
  • Offer zero deposit protection
  • Rent collection via bank transfer
  • Rent collection via debit and credit card
  • Split rent between tenants
  • Instant payouts
  • Addon Rent arrear protection

Tenant Reference Check

  • I.D. verification
  • Right to rent check
  • Anti-money laundering checks
  • Income verification
  • Rent payments verification
  • Adverse credit history
  • Equifax Credit Check
  • Transunion Credit Check

Move-in and move-out

  • Key handover
  • Create move-in inventoy report
  • Create move-out inventoy report
  • Set up utilities in advance
  • Cancel utilities at move-out
  • End-of-tenancy dispute resolution

Repairs & Maintenance

  • Addon Key storage for tradespeople
  • Manage certificates
  • Addon Renew certificates
  • Report and track repairs
  • Cancel utilities at move-out

Tenancy Agreements

  • Create and sign new lease
  • Renew lease
  • Soon HMO Support
  • Optional break clause
  • Use your own tenancy agreements

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Kiko to manage my properties?

Any property business, large or small, is only as good as the income it gives you. With Kiko, you can make more out of your properties — by finding tenants faster, reducing your costs, and saving precious time so you can focus on closing more deals.

Who can use Kiko?

We’ve built Kiko for anyone who owns or manages properties - from the private landlord that owns a single flat to professional companies that work with thousands of units. Our aim is to make renting out a property as easy as possible while providing you full control.

What type of businesses do you take on?

We love all kinds of businesses and landlords - especially agents, landlords, or firms that see eye-to-eye with us on how important it is to provide tenants with a modern, quick, and painless experience.

How does Kiko help setting the price?

You are in control of setting the rent price for your property, but we want to help you make an informed decision. We will suggest a rental price that’s typical in your area for a property of similar size and finishing, based on market data.

What tenants rent on Kiko?

We welcome tenants with any background. However, we’re currently focused on providing young professionals with the best rental experience possible.

Do you undertake credit and reference checks on tenants?

Yes, every tenant on Kiko is thoroughly checked. We use modern technology to verify if tenants can afford the rent and if they paid rent punctually in the past. We also run credit checks, and check tenants’ right to rent.

Can I choose my own tenants?

Yes, absolutely. Just as you are in control of rent prices and tenancy terms, you are also in control on whose tenancy offers to accept. Any offers that you receive will always come from tenants who have passed our thorough reference checks, and will tell you who the tenants are, what they do, and how they are paying for their stay.

I already use a property management system. Can I switch to Kiko?

Our team has a bespoke approach to every client. If you already have a property management system, or any other solutions and processes in place, we will be happy to help you migrate your business to Kiko, and show you how to make the most of Kiko in your organisation.