Rent out fast from anywhere, anytime.

With Kiko, enjoy a painless online booking system, no fees, and freedom over what you charge.

Take your business remote.

Our modern booking platform allows you to rent out properties online, including to people relocating from abroad.

  • Reach new business online, or close deals during a viewing by allowing your tenants to rent a property in a couple of minutes.
  • Focus on your next deal instead of dealing with tedious paperwork. Kiko will automatically collect payments, create tenancy agreements and get all parties to sign.
  • Save time at your next move-in. Kiko will set up utility bills in advance and provide your renters with a key pickup close to their new home.

Identify the best tenants.

We know it’s a priority to trust the people staying in your property. With Kiko you’ll receive a comprehensive tenant reference report before you accept an offer.

  • We authenticate the phone number, previous addresses, government I.D. and right to rent.
  • We verify income and previous rent payments through their bank account.
  • We use two credit agencies to get a tenant’s credit score and find any adverse credit history, such as bankruptcies, county court judgments (CCJs) and court decrees.

Enjoy a painless payment system.

Let your domestic and international customers pay with their preferred payment method, and improve conversion.

  • Collect rent via bank transfer, debit and credit card. We allow flatmates to split their rent; then reconcile and pay out the full amount to you.
  • We won't delay your payout. Get your money instantly once the tenant has paid. No fees, no hassle, just more time with your money.
  • Even the best tenants can run into problems which make it hard to pay rent. Upgrade to our rent guarantee to cover any missed rental payments for up to 6 months, as well as any eviction costs.

A modern platform for every business model.

No set up fees or hidden fees. With our pridictable and transparent pricing, you’ll always know what you’ll pay.